Novel – i’ve gone through and marked all the things i need to fix, and am starting to slowly go through and actually fix stuff. I still hate editing, but i’m more motivated to do it anyway this time around.
Webcomic – am slowly coming to the realisation this is Really Going to Happen. In one month, if all goes according to plan. It’s at oh-crap-time-to-freak-out levels, especially seeing as this is something i’ll need to update and work on pretty consistently even after it’s up and running.
Bike – i’m… saving for it. That counts for something, right? At any rate, it’s warmed up enough for me to use my regular bike and ride everywhere now, so i’ve got about eight months before i’ll have any reason to ride a folding bike to the bus stop.
Presents – i’m on 2 out of 5 presents actually bought or made in advance (the first being a knitting book i bought my youngest sister for Christmas) – i’m making a present for my mum now. It’s at the über-shiny dammit i want to show it to her right now! phase.
General Research Stuff – My religious research has jumped through Paganism, Vodou, Catholicism, and Buddhism, with a touch of re-learning about my own Protestant religion. Mostly i’m reading Pagan/Catholic stuff – i’m having a hell of a time finding good information on Vodou and nothing Buddhist has really caught my attention any further than ‘huh, i should really read this article… someday… in the near future.’ I’m also planning on spending part of this month researching adoption, which i am in no position to do right now anyway but whatever, reading won’t kill anything.
Back to the subject of religious research, despite my relative disinterest in Buddhism, now that it’s bike-riding weather again i’m going to see if i can find a local temple to visit. I kind of doubt it, as i live in an almost ridiculously Christian-Right part of Pennsylvania, but it’s worth a look.

random other stuff

  • Geeky home decor – i’m most fond of the Pantone mugs. Which i can’t use. Because i’m still trying to avoid tea catastrophes.