I have set a rather shaky goal to find one new constellation a day (…on days which have clear enough skies to do so), which leaves me with pretty limited options because some constellations are apparently never visible in my part of the world and some aren’t visible this time of year and some aren’t visible the time of night I’m looking out and… anyway.

Two nights ago was too cloudy for anything and last night I kept trying to find things from my star app with no success. Finally just decided to reverse things and instead of picking a constellation to look for, picked a bright star in the sky and looked it up on the chart. And there we go, Aquila’s Altair was very bright and right in front of me.

I was also able to figure out, local light pollution being what it is, stars dimmer than 3.9 magnitude are going to be impossible to see… which right there leaves out a few constellations. But now I’ll know which constellations and won’t waste my time trying to find them.