Spent all my novel-planning breaks today browsing RussianPoetry.net, reading various interesting poems (and interesting bios, too… Lermontov’s is a fun read, he reminds me of Michelangelo.) I picked two poems by Pushkin (‘cause you can’t do Russian poetry without Pushkin), ‘Пророк’ and ‘Я вас любил’, and ‘Она сидела на полу’ by Tyutchev. Now they’re all stuck to my desktop with GeekTool, which is all kinds of cool, and i can read them whenever i want.

I think ‘Я вас любил’ will be the easiest to learn – not only because it’s the shortest, but because i’m pretty sure i memorised it in high school and simply forgot it since (oops). I think ‘Она сидела на полу’ is my favourite, though; it’s a beautiful way of expressing such a sad little story.