I sent Connection off to Artists for Charity today… still have to wait around a bit and see if it’s accepted, send in the high-res version of the image, etc. But i’ve gone as far as i can on my own until i get contacted back.… Read More

Just sent off the first query letter. Ahhhhh. It’s been sitting in my ‘drafts’ folder, waiting for me to spontaneously develop awesome query-letter-writing skills. Seems NaNoWriMo does not, in fact, help develop such skills. So i finally screamed ‘don’t let perfect be the enemy of good!’ at my email client, hit ‘send’, and my certainly-not-perfect,… Read More

Oh yeah, random bald vampire chick FTW. Used the Brushes app on my iPod Touch, as it’s really the only software i have on anything which automatically creates the video as i go along. The alternative is to use screen capture software on my Mac, which a) requires me to always remember to open the… Read More

Got the base colour all over my Munny. Now i’ve just got to put all the details on… which i haven’t actually decided on yet :P I’ve got the colour scheme (obviously) and the general idea – cyberpunk gremlin. I cut the little toy ninja star it came with in half to make pointed gear-shaped… Read More