I’m starting this up with re-learning how to carve woodblock prints, which i did a bit in high school but haven’t done since. Once i’ve got the hang of basically carving out flat pictures again i’ll get some bigger blocks of wood and better knives and try to figure out real woodcarving. Nope, no proper… Read More

Timing out how long it takes me to do a comic so i have some idea of how much i can do. This one’s kind of a crappy script but i wanted to time everything, including the writing. And, yeah, i should probably do a bunch of scripts and take an average, but i don’t… Read More

dragged over from my art blog… Been kind of slacking in the art department lately – working on bits and pieces of various stuff has been no problem, but actually finishing anything… yeah. I haven’t done anything traditional in a while, either. Forgot how much i love pen drawings. So, for the Illustration Friday theme… Read More

The print of ‘Connection’ is now available for sale through Artists for Charity. Yay! They’ve plenty of other beautiful prints for sale, and all proceeds will go to a selected charity (currently the Autistic Self Advocacy Network), so go look around a bit. Good stuff.… Read More