Spent all my novel-planning breaks today browsing RussianPoetry.net, reading various interesting poems (and interesting bios, too… Lermontov’s is a fun read, he reminds me of Michelangelo.) I picked two poems by Pushkin (‘cause you can’t do Russian poetry without Pushkin), ‘Пророк’ and ‘Я вас любил’, and ‘Она сидела на полу’ by Tyutchev. Now they’re all… Read More

I temporarily switched from Firefox to Opera because my copy of Firefox developed a sudden habit of semi-spontaneous combustion every time i opened it. I figure this was probably because of some plugin or another but didn’t have a chance to really test it until today. So i completely uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox, and the… Read More

Ordered the Munny today. Still haven’t decided what i’m doing with it – i have some ideas, but i’m waiting until i see what sort of accessories it comes with before i decide for sure. Though none of my ideas really require accessories anyway… I’ve found a few sites with very non-doll-like uses for Munnies,… Read More

I’ve completely finished #82 on my list, ‘reboot my long-neglected 43 Things account’, though by ‘reboot’ i technically mean ‘completely delete and start over’, which turned out to be much easier than cleaning out the old one. Now i just need to use it frequently… i’m hoping to actually interact with some other people on there,… Read More