Ha – so much for reloaning my Kiva funds every time my account gets $25. It reached $50 without me noticing. Ah well.

Also the easiest time i ever had choosing loans – there were only two up when i logged in (probably because it’s 12:30 Sunday morning, and whoever normally adds new loans to the site isn’t up to replenish whatever gets fully funded.) Rather than wait for new loans to be added (and completely forget about them, again) i just funded both the remaining ones – both Iraqis who sell women’s clothing. I’ve looked for Iraqis to loan money to the last few times i was on Kiva anyway, so i’m happy with this.

Something which amuses me more than it should: The #1 lending team on Kiva is, as it has been every time i look, the atheist group. It’s currently lent out $1,498,925.00. The #2 team is a Christian group, at $886,325.00. Maybe i just spent too much time as a kid being told how awesome we Christians are for our generosity, but this makes me outright giddy.