Right. I really doubt i’ll get my original 101 list done before deadline, in no small part because i don’t really want to do about half the goals on it any more.

This is the problem with making lists in a big hurry :P

But, i’m not going to start the next list until the old one should have run out. Even though i already have more than 101 things on it. If waiting another year isn’t enough to be sure i only have goals i want on the list i don’t know what is.

‘Til then i’ve got the original list pared down to 43 things. Which is still a good bit, considering i’ve less than a year to finish them in, but ah well.

And some of them should be easy enough. For example, if i do not get haggis when i go to Celtfest this year there is something wrong.

(Though honestly. Every time i go to an Irishfest either there are no haggis vendors at all or they have all run out of haggis because it is so damn difficult to get haggis elsewhere and all the haggis-lovers have swarmed them. The closest i’ve ever gotten were haggis pastries, which were good but not what i want. This year i am going to a massive fest which i have already confirmed will have haggis, and i am taking the day off work so i can get there ridiculously early. The haggis will be mine.)