‘Pride’ is one of those annoying words which can have multiple connotations leading to entirely different understandings. ‘Gay Pride? Those gay people are proud of themselves? They think they’re better than us? I thought they were ‘born this way’! What’s for them to be so proud of? They clearly know it’s really a choice, and… Read More

There are people who willingly label themselves as part of a group: straight, gay, queer, white, POC, multiracial, etc. There are people who, when asked how they identify, casually say they don’t use labels. Or perhaps, they understand the use of labels but think we’d all be better off without them. Then there are people… Read More

Speaker Boehner has recently appointed Dr. Robert George to the US Commission for International Religious Freedom. Dr. Robert George is a former chairman of the National Organization of Marriage – an anti-gay Christian organisation. He also helped draft the Manhattan Declaration. I sense a conflict of interest here. Now, a Christian on the Commission for… Read More