I’m working my way through the Art of Manliness 30 Days to a Better Man series. (Whether a butch neutrois counts as a ‘man’ or not is up for debate, but despite its heteronormative writing style, most of AoM is applicable regardless of sex/gender.) And Day Three has me stuck. Day One – ‘Define your… Read More

Week of reading: done. Articles i still want to read: 212. Because i totally don’t know enough about Saint Patrick or druidry or Cromwell or geasa.… Read More

I want to move to Ireland now (as does pretty much everybody else, apparently; they’ve got a crazy high immigration rate.) I must learn to speak Irish Gaelic. Absolutely must. I’ve seen too many little snippets of it while reading and it’s too damn pretty to not learn.… Read More

Started reading some Wikipedia entries on Ireland, which thus far is more history than culture, but it’s a start. As history tends to influence culture i’ll count it. I also opened in new tabs pretty much every interesting link i saw and saved them all for… well, in theory, for ‘next time i start reading… Read More