There’s plenty of articles about achieving your goals. Finding time to achieve those goals. Calculating just how much (or how little) money you need to achieve your goals. Less common are articles on figuring out whether a goal is worth working toward or not to begin with. This is possibly the most important part of… Read More

Semi-random update on all my semi-random goals: Novel!: it has Been Re-Outlined. If i’d written it properly i’d have already had a sense of what order everything happened in but hell, it was NaNoWriMo. There’s parts where i destroyed countries just to add words. Next step is to go through and redesign the characters. Some… Read More

An exoself, as defined in Mind Performance Hacks (which itself bases the idea on some novels by Greg Egan) is basically a little stack of notecards and a timer reminding you to look at the top card every so often, with the intention of training yourself in certain ways (like little mental exercises). I’m going… Read More