css I’ve been working with CSS for half my life and somehow i still keep coming across random new surprising things. (Attribute selectors led to an hour of me messing around re-Stylish-ing my favourite sites and occasionally yelling “holy shit you can do that?“)

In related news: text-overflow styling is a thing, and specifically it’s a thing i’ll likely need to talk myself out of using on every single long-winded bit of text which breaks a mobile site forever now. Short version: if something can’t fit in the element it’s supposed to fit in (e.g., a long email address not fitting on a small ’email me at…’ button), text-overflow can cut it off. You can even stick ellipsis (or another string!) at the end to indicate it keeps going. EXCELLENT. THIS IS EXCELLENT.

…and won’t always be useful because 99% of the time text on a website is meant to be, y’know, read. But it’s a nice option.

app One of the reasons i’m having to fight overuse of text-overflow is Firefox Developer Edition. Specifically, the part of FDE which makes it easy to preview sites at various sizes, thus showing me no, that nice big button which fits my whole email address does not actually fit my whole email address on every size screen.

website The Infinite Jukebox: for when your favourite song just isn’t long enough. It makes songs longer. Infinitely longer. Without just repeating the song over and over and over.

I’ve been listening to the same instrumental rockapaddy song non-stop since i found this.